Saturday, September 05, 2015

Press Release

Dear Fans,

After a three year hiatus, the editors would like to announce our return to the blogosphere.

Watch this space.

With Youareben, for Youareben, for Lim Bang.

The Editors

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We are Back

Dear Fans,

The editors of this blog have decided to be more active in maintaining this blog.  This is to be fair to all of you who have been supporting us all these years.  From today, we will once again comment on the hot topics and    also share our views on certain social-economic issues.

We are still politically neutral, so that we will not get into unnecessary problems. 

Thank you.

The Editors

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank You Note

As incredible as it may seem, we do have a worldwide audience.  Greetings to our fans in UK, US and even India!

-The Editors.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011




Tribute to my Co-Editor.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Monday, June 13, 2011

My Memories of Victoria School - Chapter 1


On 2 January 1996, I began a new chapter of my life. For the first time in my academic career, I would not have a female classmate. Perhaps, the only consolation (well, not so much) was that my form teacher was a nice Indian lady who went by the name Amuda. She was to change her name to Mrs Bala a few years later.

Settling down was no easy feat. Not when you had a classmate whose hobby was, and still is, to sleep, eat and shit. Luckily for us, the school arranged an orientation camp for us, and that forced us to make friends with one another at a faster pace.

By the end of the orientation camp, everyone was tired, but we were also glad that we have made more friends in the process. And it certainly seemed to me that my mum did not make the wrong choice in forcing me to select VS as my 2nd choice (for some reasons that were never explained to me, I was not given my first choice, Anderson Secondary School, by MOE).


My math teacher in Secondary 1 was Ms Tan Geok Choo. Somehow, she finds it a challenge to pronounce the word 'axis' in English. She also selected pink as the color for our Math file and forced all of us to purchase a 'Towkay" notebook. She was strict with us, but we always found ways to make fun of her behind her back. This was done to make ourselves fee better during her torturing lessons. However, I have to say she is a fantastic math teacher. I will talk more of the rest of the teachers later.


Eh, you take bus 66 at the Bendermeer bus stop right?" An enthusiastic voice asked.

"Yes." I replied nonchalantly.

"Later we can take together." The enthusiastic voiced said.

The guy who asked the question was Benedict. He was (somehow) elected as our class monitor and honestly, I did not vote for him. My closest friend till then was Terry Chia. However, due to geographical reasons, he did not take the same bus as I did. Hence, our friendship did not flourish.

The daily ritual (for the next two years) would involve walking past the Indian grocery store, the badminton apparel store, and the video rental shop. I would stop by the mama shop (operated by a gentle giant) to make a call to my mum to assure her that I was safe and sound. Bus rides were more enjoyable then. Perhaps it was the company.

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hew : "I will fight on"

Rumors that the office of YouareBen held a secret meeting was confirmed by Mr Hew, we had just returned to Singapore.

Mr Hew said: "I am disappointed that Seow (Wai Kit) and part of the office have decided to go against the people's wishes, citing blog renewal as their reason. I too, also believe in the renewal of the blog but in an orderly manner, with succession plans.

"But not like this, dropped like a bomb."

Mr Hew added: "I have helped build the blog since 2007 and was the only one remaining after Seow left the blog in 2009. I fought on and rebuilt the blog, helping to gain a solid readership for the site," he said.

"I wanted to be the one in charge so that I would be able to be the voice of the people." said Mr Hew.

"One thing is for sure. I will fight on." said Mr Hew, who was ironically fighting to hold back his tears.

More shortly.


Theme of the week - WHO CHARGES THE CHARGE MEN? :)
(at depot road)
Under the cover of night, it is widely speculated that the remnants of the office met at a secret meeting and formulated a plan to denounce Mr Hew, who was currently out of town, like superheroes including superman, batman and ultraman.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The unpredictable world we live in

You can fool some people all the time, and all people some of the time, but you can’t fool all people all the time.

In the wake of growing publicity surrounding the much maligned blogspot Youareben's recent revival, another twist was added to the tale late last night when Zulian A Sausage, founder of Weewee Leaks - organization that publishes secret & classified media, shocked fans and neutrals alike by exposing the true identity of Youareben's guest editor Kenif Loi ZonAnn.

In what surely is the clearest indication yet that Weewee leaks is fast running out of news to leak, the identity of Kenif - long assumed to be a middle aged male from the financial industry who has also a curious mind and interest in subjects often debated in the blog - was confirmed by sources familiar with the matter within Weewee leaks that it is "completely not what it seems".

The authencity of this audacious claim is still unknown, but it is understood that Weewee leaks has in their possession cables containing high level exchanges between Kenif and his many layers of intelligence, including misrepresentative correspondence with the editors of Youareben, which will be released in days to come.

None of the editors could be contacted for comments at the time of reporting.

- The Stoppage Times

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Open Letter to Our Fans

Dear Fans,

We have received numerous emails and calls from you wanting us to share what exactly were we doing for the past year. After much deliberation, we have decided to disclose what had happened.

After Newcastle United was relegated in 09, one of us was extremely disheartened and attributed the failure of the club to this very blog. Hence, he decided to step out infinitely.

Feeling betrayed but ever determined to make this blog a success, I made the decision to promote the guest editor to the position of main contributor. However, the arrangement was short-lived. I was back on my own within 2 weeks.

A year after the debacle, the editors decided to visit Vietnam to salvage the situation (that was when we were spotted having difficulties crossing the roads). We came to an agreement that if Gary Neville was to break his leg or end his career abruptly midway through the season, we will revive this blog.

Fate has it that, Gary Neville did end his career. And yes, we actually hoped that he would break his leg too. So we are back. This time, it is for real. However, we have decided to transform this blog into one with a serious tone. We will not be posting senseless entries, nor we will flood this blog with TCS theme songs. We want to be a credible source of information and inspiration for Singaporeans.

We promise that we will be constructive. We will actively engage in debates with our readers. There will be no hidden agenda, and we are not aligned to anyone nor any organisation. We will not be soliciting for donations or advertisements to be placed on this blog.

Thank you for sticking with us even when you have nothing new to read from here. Perhaps, every entry here is a classic in your eyes. We appreciate your love and support. We will work doubly hard to repay everything you have given us.

We look forward to entertain you intellectually.

Yours Respectfully,
The Editors

Media Statement

We have received quite a number of comments from our readers that the blog has been relatively inactive for the past one year. In another words, they are not getting enough dosage.

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify that we are still very much committed to this blog and please be assured that our KPI is based on quality, not quantity.

However, if you do not agree with us, then we only have one thing to articulate : "We don't know what to say!"

The Editors

Monday, December 13, 2010

Joe Wong at RTCA Dinner

best thing i've watched for the last hour